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 The Accursed Flame

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PostSubject: The Accursed Flame   The Accursed Flame EmptySun Mar 07, 2010 1:06 am

First, the simple things.

At it's birth, it was named Bachiatari Kasai by it's foster father.
That name summed up what was seen in it:
Kasai, meaning Flame; it was strong, and within it unthinkable power could be unlocked.
Bachiatari, meaning Accursed; it was conceived of evil and bore it's mark.

At this point in time it is twenty-eight, and still living in it's birth body; that of a male half-orc.

He stands five feet eight, his skin a medium shade of grey. His hair is a bluish-silver and his eyes do not match; the left is a bright blue and the right is a brilliant amethyst.
All along the right side of his body there are bright blue markings etched into his flesh, the proof of his curse. These marks are jagged like thorns, runes of an ancient tribal nation now forgotten by historians. They would seem to be simple tattoos would they not glow vibrantly each time he accessed his magical abilities.

His body is strong and muscular, that of a warrior trained from birth to fight, kill and defend. His hair is grown medium length and swept backwards, the sides of his head shaven. There is a wild goatee along his chin.

To conceal his nature he always covers every inch of himself with cloth or armor. He wears a suit of reinforced, padded leather which covers most of his body. The brown leather is form fitting, but still allows him flexibility and easy movement. Over his torso he wears a vest of thick, black furred hide taken from a beast which he slew.
To cover the bottom of his face he wears a dark purple scarf, fastened tightly on his left shoulder and wrapped over his face twice. The extremely long scarf continues along his right arm, wrapped around it in an almost ornamental way, ending in a tied knot around his wrist. He wears a cloth belt made of the same material as the scarf, which extends down his right leg, wrapped in a similar fashion to his arm.
On his hands are strong metal gauntlets, guarding his fists and forearms. His feet are adorned with reinforced boots, made of a darker and stronger leather than the rest of his armor.
Still over this he wears a strange coat, made of a thick gray cloth. The coat is hooded, which facilitates hiding the top of his face. The coats right sleeve is cut off at the shoulder, but the left falls all the way past his hand, as it to show off the purple cloth wrapped around his right arm. It falls to the middle of his calves, silver fasteners running from the hood to the middle of his torso.

He is normally seen wearing all of this, the coat fastened shut and the hood pulled over his face, effectively covering his whole body.

The more complicated things will come at a later time.

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m o T a s

m o T a s

Posts : 92
Join date : 2009-12-12
Age : 107
Location : Over Nine Thousand

The Accursed Flame Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Accursed Flame   The Accursed Flame EmptyThu Mar 11, 2010 2:22 am

Second, a more in depth physical description, and weaponry.

The simple things were covered already, but now it's natural body will be described in more detail.

It was already stated that he stands five feet eight, but when fully armed he appears taller than he is, closer to five-eleven, perhaps six feet tall. This is mostly due to the boots he wears, but the coat he wears is designed to make it's wearer appear more intimidating.

Armor and cloth removed, he is a fearsome specimen despite his unassuming size.
His body is lean and strong; he was trained from a young age to fight and kill; he is a weapon to his foes and a shield to his friends. Whereas his physique is impeccable, he is not overly buffed, retaining a lithe body capable of quick acrobatics. This plays strongly into his fighting style.
His hair has already begun to grey, which is common among half-orcs, whose lifespans are not as long as most humans. The blue tint comes from his great magical strength, physically expressing itself through his curse. He keeps his hair a shorter length out of necessity, for long hair would make it more difficult to keep his hood down. The sides of his head are shaven, and the rest of his hair is swept back and up, creating a pushed back 'faux-hawk'.
Being a half-orc his features are more akin to a predator than most humans. If it were not for the marks of his curse, he could easily move through most human settlements unnoticed without hiding his face. His eyes are set farther apart than most, and his canines are pronounced almost to the point of protrusion; though nowhere near as vicious as the tusks most orcs might display.

The marks of his curse do cover a whole half of his body, the right side. There is space between them, though it is not a great expanse. When viewed normally, they would seem as unassuming tribal tattoos, markings simply to make him appear more intimidating. Whenever he accesses his magical powers, though, the runes glitter with power, emitting a small amount of blue light. He is also able to tap directly in to his curse to draw even more raw power from himself, and when he does this the marks glow brightly, as if bursting into flames. When covered, however, the bright glow is barely noticeable.
These marks are, in truth, from the archaic language of an ancient race who worshiped primal gods of elemental power forgotten to the ages.
Each rune is about an inch tall and half an inch wide, and they scroll down from the top of his head to the bottom of his foot. No area on the right side of his body is not touched by these runes, and they do not cross over the middle of his body. If it were not for these marks his body would be perfectly symmetrical.

Now to describe the weapons he carries.
He carries three weapons, a khopesh, a dagger, and a staff.
The khopesh he has wielded for the longest. It was forged by his orcish father, whose hands were guided by a greater being as the blade was constructed. The blade is vicious, like most orcish weapons are, but lacks the outright brutality of most which is instead replaced by a smooth subtlety more like an elvish or human weapon. The blade is of a dull golden hue, but at it's forging was a dull gray tone. As time has passed, both the orcish father and the half-orc son have empowered the weapon through a dark ritual, which is what transformed it to it's current state. The weapon has a circular hand guard, crafted in such a way to increase the ease at which magic can be channeled through the blade. The hilt is wrapped in a black leather, and the pommel ends in a silver dragon's head with a purple stone in it's mouth.
The dagger is quite an interesting weapon, and perhaps his favorite. It is capable of changing it's shape according to the wielders will, anywhere from a gigantic two-handed blade to a long-hafted, thin-tipped spear. This weapon allows for fantastic flexibility within combat, as well as making it an invaluable tool outside of combat. He prefers to wield it as a spear, but will just as often shift it into the form of a longsword, and even into it's natural dagger state. It's appearance is unremarkable, but this is more likely his doing than any indication of what the weapon actually looks like.
The staff is his newest weapon, and he tends to use it the most commonly in combat. It appears as a plain metal staff, weighted at each end to make it's strikes more efficient and powerful. But upon closer inspection its revealed that the staff always emits a low hum. It is enchanted in such a manner to allow those who practice a certain school of magic to channel their abilities through it, much as they do their chosen weapon.

The only weapon he keeps visible on his person is the staff, though it is likely the dagger is hidden somewhere within his armor.

A description of his talents and abilities will be next.
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The Accursed Flame
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