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 Log 13 - Breakdown

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Log 13 - Breakdown  Empty
PostSubject: Log 13 - Breakdown    Log 13 - Breakdown  EmptyThu Jul 07, 2011 1:43 am

Summary: Skywake, the newest addition to the Vega crew, disappears for but a moment while everyone converses in the mess hall, and suddenly the ship loses power. Dinner is put on hold as Shai jerry-rigs enough to get the ship to a nearby skyplex (where a man from Quinn and Shai's past lurks), Xin manages to spill something hazardous and cut himself in the process, and Kasai has a moment of crazy while preparing food.

18:50:09 Shaiyat was in the mess hall, planted at the dining table with his head rested on his folded hands. A mug of coffee cooled in front of him, the smell of the stuff lurking through out the ship. The pilot had made plenty. It was an odd trip so far, and this new detour set by Nar's computer 'friend' made him more nervous than normal. Which made him sleep less. Which made coffee essential. Their eight-year old passenger Skywake sat across from Shai, with his own mug of coffee he'd been given. The child wrinkled his nose at it, poked a finger in it and became bored with it as it was too hot to drink. He talked on and on to the pilot's dismay, asking question after question about everything. “Why does Ori shake?” He'd ask, or “Why does Xin draw on himself?” All these questions were answered with “Why don't you ask them?” Skywake didn't bother. He just kept asking more and more. “Can I fly the ship?” The blond boy ended with, looking up hopefully at Shai with big green eyes. He could look so innocent when he wanted to...

18:55:16 [Quin] In addition to fixing several of the Vega's mechanical issues, the rouge group from which they had acquired their newest and perhaps most annoying cargo had also supplied the crew with ammo, food and other supplies. The heavy crates had been loaded into a corner of the cargo bay, where they had stayed for three days as everyone adjusted to the hectic life of having a child on board. Quinn was attempting to avoid Skywake at all costs, often busying herself with chores needing done on the opposite side of the ship. The cargo bay was far enough away from the mess to be safe, so that's where the captain was, hefting up a crate of carrots to her hip, another full of apples on her shoulder. She balanced the precious stuff as she took slow steps to the stairwell, each placed down next to it. Quinn straightened, stretching her back as grey eyes searched for someone to take the crates upstairs.

19:02:04 Oriana entered the mess with a groan, rubbing her eyes. She had been the primary person in charge of Skywake, having pretty much raised her younger siblings and cousins, but all of them put together hadn’t been as troublesome as their newest crew member. She hadn’t been getting much sleep, and often wondered how Sky managed to keep so much energy all the time. At least he was sitting down and staying put, even if he was talking Shai’s ear off. Ori stumbled over to the coffee pot and started to pour, but her tremors caused some of the rare and precious liquid to spill onto her hand. She cursed cheerfully, putting it down. “Would you mind pouring me a mug, Shai? I seem to be shaking worse than usual.” She plopped down next to Sky, chuckling. “You’d as soon fly the ship as Reavers would be your nanny,” she teased.

19:10:07 [Kasai] Time had slowed to a screeching halt for Kasai the moment that devil child had been welcomed aboard. He withdrew from the crew once again, spending most of his time behind his locked door. He simply didn't have the necessary skills for dealing with children, and didn't see a point in practicing skills he would most likely never need. He was currently perched on the catwalk above the cargo bay, fiddling with the locket around his neck. He tilted his head at the captain before speaking, "You need some help with those, mon capitaine?" Truth be told, he had actually gotten bored after spending the past three days locked away.

19:14:10 XinTou sleepily made an appearance in the messhall. He looked a little groggy and more disheveled than usual, but the doctor's "disheveled" was still better than some's Sunday best. He had not bothered to put product in his hair, just allowed it to fall in soft curls in his Mexi-Chinese-white afros thing. A silver collared shirt hung loosely on him, as did a pair of black slacks. Those, combined with the white slippers, made the doctor look kinda funny. "Coffee. I want some of that. That I want." With a vague nod to Shai, Oriana, and the young thing occupying space at the table, he meandered over towards the coffee, pouring himself a mug. He perked up when he heard Quinn's tell-tale footsteps down the hall, and ducked below the counter and pressed himself against the wall in hopes of not being asked to carry heavy things. He was a doctor. He needed his arms for like, medical things and...stuff.

19:21:32 Shaiyat gave Ori a tired smile when she walked in the room, taking a small sip of his coffee as he watched her pour (or try) her own cup. He silently pleaded that Skywake wouldn't notice and ask....he figured she wouldn't want to talk about her handicap with the eight year old anymore than he did. The pilot was grateful she had taken on most of the child’s care. He had experience with younger siblings just like she did but...he certainly wasn't gifted with paternal instincts. Case in point, giving the already hyper kid coffee. Skywake tried to sip at it even more when he saw Ori had some too. He'd defiantly taken to the merc, not that he always listened to her. His eyes managed to grow wider somehow when she mentioned 'Reavers.' “There's Reavers on this ship! Nu-uh! I don't want a Reaver nanny!” He crossed his arms, doing his best to look defiant. “I could be a good ship-flyer...” And then Skywake noticed Xin. The child had a knack for picking up on differences and fixating on them. Noticing the white shoes the <<
19:21:52 [Shaiyat] little boy laughed as if it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen. “Doctors don't wear white shoes!” He shouted through giggles. Because in Skywake's world, of course they didn't. He poked at Ori. “See his shoes? They're white!” The boy kept snickering. Shaiyat simply shook his head, nodding towards Xin. “Plenty'a coffee. Think we're all need'n it lately.” He shot a look Skywake's way. “Considerin' our company.”

19:22:01 Quin was bent partially over a crate of potatoes, arms braced against one edge as she slid the thing across to the stairwell. The woman paused then, turning to sit, one hand going to massage the area where her new prosthetic met the flesh of her stump. She tilted her booted foot this way and that, a small smirk curving her lips as she admired the look of it. It'd been years since she could wear a pair of shoes instead of just one at a time. Nar had fashioned the new prosthetic well enough to accommodate a shoe, and although Quinn was thrilled with that discovery, she had needed to relearn how to walk with more than just a leather peg at the end of her left leg. That happened quickly enough, and although the newness of the thing still caused the stump to ache at times, having an actual leg shape seemed to help Quinn with her phantom pain. Kasai's voice startled the captain some, a somewhat sheepish look directed his way as she stood and adjusted her pant leg. “Yeah. Take'm upstairs to the mess 'n peel <c>
19:22:15 [Quin] two handfuls of carrots, please.” The woman put her hands on her hips, shooting Kasai a grin. “Was beginin' to think you'd died in there.” Truth be told, Kasai's self-imposed isolation had done some good with regards to Quinn's opinion of him. It was after two, maybe three days of solid interaction that he really started to get under her skin.

19:29:44 Oriana took a long sip of her coffee, ignoring the burn and taking the moment to tune out Sky’s voice. She was more than a little annoyed with him, but tried to keep him entertained and away from the captain. She smiled up at Xin as he entered. “Doctors can wear whatever shoes they like, Sky,” she said. “They do a hard job keeping people alive.” She got close to his face, and spoke in a slightly menacing tone. “You haven’t heard of Reavers that hide out in ships? Waiting for little boys to disobey their elders so they can snatch them up and eat them for breakfast?” She poked Sky gently in the ribs, where she knew he was ticklish.

19:35:57 Kasai had a tight grip on his locket, running over the thought of the woman in the picture still being alive. It was a good thing Xin had revealed the little snippet to him before they picked up the child. He had no idea how he would have reacted to her scent had he still believed her dead. He turned his gaze towards the captain, shaking his head. "Takes a lot to kill me..." The words softly escaped his mouth. "Nah, just don't like kids much." He hopped up and made his way towards the crates, lifting them with unnerving ease. "Two handfuls, you say?" A question meant for no one in particular, the insular merc spoke to himself as he walked towards the mess hall. He walked inside as Ori spoke of Reavers hiding on ships. A chuckle escaped his lips, the irony of the situation lost on everyone but himself.

19:38:20 [XinTou] After hearing that the danger of carrying things was over Xin straightened himself up, clearing his throat as he headed towards the table. Dr. Buzzkill calmly addressed the overcaffeinated child. "Actually, doctors wear shoes of many colors, and all doctors wear white slippers in their off-time. Fact." Yeah, question that tone of voice, that refined, polished condescension. I dare you. He sipped delicately at the steaming liquid. "So. How're things? You know…flying things? Do we have a estimate on when we'll be arriving." He mostly seemed to be addressing that wandering question to Shai. The doctor gave a slight wave of acknowledgment to Kasai, but had been slightly reserved towards the man since the "locket incident".

19:51:31 Shaiyat shifted in his seat uneasily as the talk of Reavers continued. In joking or not the subject made him damn uncomfortable. And the thought of them hiding out on the ship? He almost looked as scared as Skywake did for a minute before he drowned out the thought with a long swig of coffee. The small blonde child jumped away from Ori's tickling as he giggled more, his face turning red. “No Reavers on the ship!” He spat out between laughter. Between Ori and Xin's explanation of the white shoes Sky picked up on two things. Doctors could do whatever they wanted because they were important...and they wore white shoes when they weren't working. The first intrigued him more. He looked at Xin and tried to copy his serious expression. “I'm going to be a flying doctor when I grow up!” He annoced proudly, jumping from his seat. “Then I can fly ship and do whatever I want cause I save lives!” He giggled, running out of the room with his arms if he was 'flying.' “I'm gonna wear purple shoes too!” He yelled out <<
19:51:56 [Shaiyat] as he disappeared out of the room, zooming around Kasai in the process. Shaiyat looked slightly relieved, waving toward Ori first. “I'll go fetch in a minute, you've watched him enough fer all of us.” He turned to the doctor then. They match in the disheveled appearance department, though Shai tended to show it more. “'Bout three days away as far as I can long as we stay outta trouble. Seems to be we've got luck on our side fer once.” He stood then, grabbing his mug. “You got anythin' that helps kids sleep longer?” He asked jokingly....kind of. Skywake was a very early raiser as the whole crew had learned the hard way...

19:59:59 Quin snorted a laugh, her expression in agreement with Kasai's sentiment on children. With a sigh she lifted another crate and followed after the mercenary, albeit at a slower pace. She cursed as Skywake came racing down the hallway, her back ending pressed against the wall as she tried to avoid a collision. “Kid's escaped,” she announced once having entered the mess hall. “Evenin',” she added. They'd been off planet long enough for the importance of time and a structured day to disappear, but the captain felt like making dinner food, so the greeting fit. Quinn set the crate down and shoved it beneath the counter space ringing the wall, then went to lift the lid of the crockpot, inspecting the spiced broth she'd prepared a while ago. She dumped a bowl of diced potatoes, beets, daikon and kale into the steaming pot, followed by a smaller handful of vegetable protein matter. The stuff wasn't nearly as appetizing as actual meat, but it would do. “Soon as yer done with the carrots, just pop'm in...” Quinn's <c>
20:00:11 [Quin] voice faded as the Firefly's lights flickered, dimmed, then shut off completely. The red glare of the emergency lights flooded the room in time for the familiar tremor and whine of the engine to putter to a stop. Quinn stared at Shai for a moment, then walked quickly out of the mess hall toward the engine room. “Shai, to deck, and someone find the gorram child.”

19:57:19 Oriana pinched the bridge of her nose, trying hard not to laugh. The kid was annoying, but he was really entertaining. “Thanks, Shai,” she replied. “Who knows, maybe he’ll go on to become a pilot and a doctor, just to show us he can.” She glanced up at Kasai as he entered, smirking at the carrots he held. “Need me to take care of those for you?” She couldn’t really imagine him cooking anything. The carrots looked odd in his hands.

20:14:14 Kasai dodged around the child as he made his way into the kitchen area. He nodded to the doctor, wishing to himself he'd handled himself better that time. He felt like he'd sealed off the possibility of actually getting to know one of the crew members, unsure if it actually mattered. He felt like his time on the ship might run short soon. He sat his crates down, lifting out one handful of carrots. He glanced at Oriana, perking an eyebrow. "No, I'm perfectly capable. But you can help if you want." He pushed his hand towards her face, waving the carrots around. "Come peel some carrots with me, Ori. Come on, you know you want to." He taunted her, sticking out his tongue. "All the cool kids are doin' it-" He stopped short as the lights flickered. Again his brow perked up. "Bloody hell." He followed behind the pilot, curious if anything was in sight.

20:14:52 XinTou let out a loud, sarcastic laugh at Shaiyat's back. "Now that is unprofessional and morally reprehensible to drug a child. I took an oath..." He quickly lost the will to carry on the joke and instead muttered into his coffee, "Although I have a reasonably safe chloroform..." Another silent nod was given to the captain, albeit a little more friendly than his last greeting. "Lovely of you to cook for us Captain, I swear, I have never tasted more meat-similar protein in all my days." He mustered up the energy to give her a devilish wink. "And that's spoiled rich boy telling you that." All of a sudden, Xin found himself gripping his mug tighter as not to spill it when the ship began to moan and tremble. Well, caffeine and adrenaline, always a killer cocktail. Hurriedly going to the sink and pouring out his beverage when he saw the red lights flicker on, he gestured to Oriana. "I'll help you find the child. You go one way, I'll go another. Kasai, you..." There was a trailing off as Kas had already left. " go and follow Shaiyat. Good job. All right, break!" He proceeded to head towards the living quarters, stopping to check the sickbay first. Too many sharp things for a child to find.

20:24:45 Shaiyat braced before the ship even came to a stop, tilting his head towards the emergency lights in the mess hall a few seconds before they came on. He knew something was wrong with his ship before it showed any obvious signs. That familiar engine hum, the consistent sound that floated in the background had slowed just enough for the pilot to notice as he was always paying attention to it. But it was too late for him to do anything. Shai stood still for a moment, a worried look sent Quinn's way before he bolted out of the kitchen, brushing passed Kasai with a hurried “Sorry.” before the merc followed. All the talk of Reavers and now a dead engine made his insides twist into knots. So much for luck being on their side...hopefully it wasn't something behind Nar's skills or their current supplies. Seeing as though the Vega just had an extensive tune-up, this current break-down was even more worrisome. Skywake ran out of the cockpit, something in his hand as he did so, crying as he went back down the hall towards <<
20:25:38 [Shaiyat] the kitchen. The pilot payed him no attention, hopping into his seat as he pointed Kasai towards the co-pilot’s chair. Trusted or not, the merc knew what he was doing and now wasn't the time to be picky. “Got one computer on it's own power...should at least tell us where we are and what's close. You see if we got any unwelcome visitors, yeah? With no power though, we ain't got much ta fight back with...and life support ain't gonna last long with this many on board.” The latter with said in a whisper. He'd let the rest of the crew know when and if it was necessary No need to cause panic. Or more of it rather. “There's a skyplex close...if we can get her started again. Now what went wrong?” He pounded a fist once at his little computer screen as the ship ran diagnostics oh-so slowly. Skywake meanwhile ran to hide under the kitchen table, stuffing something in his pocket.

20:33:00 Quin found Nar in the engine room, already working to figure out the problem. She stood over him, arms crossed as she asked about this or that part, mostly wanting Nar to check if any of the new parts they had just installed was giving them problems. But after several minutes of running through the equipment nothing seemed out of place, pointing to a computer issue. Skywake was well hidden by the time Quinn left the mechanic and joined Shai and Kasai on the deck, so she continued on, oblivious to whatever it was he had in his pocket. The captain flashed an uneasy smile as she approached in time to hear whispering. “Tell me somethin' sweet, Shai.” She leaned over the back of his chair, eyeing the screen as it ran diagnostics. Quinn squinted into the darkness beyond the Vega's nose, a spot of bright, flashing lights announcing the presence of a skyplex not a half hour away.

20:34:38 Oriana looked up in alarm as the lights went out, and immediately got up, leaving her coffee mug where it was. She was panicking, imagining that her charge had fallen and broken his neck or something equally awful. She nodded to Xin at his directions and turned out the mess hall doorway to find Skywake returning to his home base. She peered at him suspiciously, but let him pass, and followed him back into the room. As he hid under the table, she kneeled and shot out a hand, grabbing his arm. “What do you have, Sky?” she asked softly. If he resisted, she glared and said in a sharper tone, “This is no time to play around, Sky. Give me what’s in your hand.”

20:49:07 [Galen_Marx] "Why make so much of fragmentary blue in here and there a bird, a butterfly, Or flower, or wearing stone, or open eye, When heaven presents in sheets the solid hue?" The words were uttered to the air as he stood there glancing out the port hole out at the great expanse of nothingness that was the Black. "Since earth is earth, perhaps, not heaven (as yet) -- Though some savants make earth include the sky, And blue so far above us comes so high, It only gives our wish for blue a whet." Contemplating the words the man would just half-sigh, half-chuckle as he glanced away from the mind-distorting view port. To contemplate such nothingness was a dangerous hobby of his, and some might say the reason he tended to be...meh. Leaning down he would grab in each hand the handles to his two sizable bags. Galen lived to travel for traveling's sake anymore. As he once put so eloquently ‘I couldn't care less about the money, or the adventure. Seen enough of both in my life. I'm just here because...well, because.’ This skyplex was beginning to feel too small for him, too many people. People and Galen never mixed well, especially in large crowds and/or in a place a transit. Too many possibilities. Too many faces.

20:49:10 [Kasai] The man's mind had moved into crisis mode, an eerie determination disfiguring his face. He slid into the co-pilot's seat, glossing over the information in front of him as well as peering outside. "Odayakana shunpû no yôna.[1]" He let out a soft sigh, his face relaxing. "Nobody out there. Dono yôna kyûsai.[2] Is that sweet enough for you, Quinn?" A smirk could be seen on his face as he gazed into the black, his thoughts trailing to thoughts of what could have happened. He shook his head for a moment, dismissing the worries of Reavers or pirates. A thought crossed his mind, and he turned back to the pilot and the captain. "The kid had something in his hand." He paused for a moment, looking about his station. "Is anything missing up here?" Kas was familiar with the normal layout of a Firefly, but the Vega's pilot had done some interesting and extensive modifications to his cockpit, leaving the merc a little bit lost.

20:52:05 XinTou ran to his precious sickbay, taking a quick inventory of everything poke-y or breakable. Syringes were all in place. As were scalpels, scissors, and other objects. Finally satisfied the kid hadn't been in there, Xin tried to replace the last beaker, but just then, the ship gave another shuddering halt, causing Xin to lose his balance. He managed to not hit the floor, but at the cost of his hand. The beaker slammed into the nearby counter and glass exploded against the doctor's arm, slicing him from palm to elbow. A couple of shards even managed to glance off his cheek. "Go niang yang de!" Continuing to curse in gasped, pained breaths, he lumbered towards his intercom to the cockpit, careful to avoid stepping on any glass. Taking the briefest of seconds to compose himself, he took a breath and pressed the button. "This is your friendly neighborhood doctor. I'm sure you have other things on your mind, but just as a safety warning, please do not enter the sickbay anytime soon for any <c>
20:55:27 [XinTou] reason. Thank you, have a pleasant day!" He tiptoed over to the bandages to wrap himself up because he was bleeding... Then the doctor stopped a moment to take in the situation. He had cut open quite a bit, even nicked an artery. Yet he wasn't bleeding as profusely as he should have been. Although his blood continued to pump out, it came out a sort of murky brown, and traveled slowly, like sludge. Xin studied it a moment more, then shook his head and began wrapping it up. Time to worry about that later.

21:03:24 Shaiyat glared with his one eye at the computer, for once regretting not putting in a new system for sentimental reasons. Quinn's entrance made him jump a little. “We ain't gonna run outta air.” He whispered up to the captain with no small amount of relief in his tone before he spoke up to explain there situation further. He ran a hand though his already messy hair. “Well. There's a skyplex close if we can get us runnin' good enough ta get there. Can at least send out a signal fer help if that don't work.” His feeling of terror completely faded with Kasai's announcement that they were truly a good way. Just then his computer screen 'pinged' , giving the pilot a friendly announcement that communication between the engine and itself were no longer working. “That ain't good...” Shai mumbled before sliding out of his chair. It didn't take long to notice a compartment under the control panel was open, a few wires sticking out where they shouldn't have been. “I can fix this I think I know
21:04:40 [Shaiyat] what that brat has. Broke the damn connections down here 'tween shit and now ain't nothin' talkin to each other...” The pilot trailed off, his normally thick accent growing worse as he disappeared under the control deck. Not too long after the lights came back on, just as Xin's announcement came over the comm-system. “Think he's alright?” Shai called out to Kas and Quinn. “I can get us to that skyplex, but not much further.” That said the pilot went to work, getting the engine running and the Vega limping its way to the skyplex. Skywake meanwhile sat under the table, tears making his cheeks glisten with a red sheen under the emergency lights in the room. “I didn't break it!” He announced stubbornly, looking scared and mad all at once. His hand clenched tightly in his pocket when Ori's voice became more firm. “I didn't do it.” He announced adamantly as he considered giving his stolen piece. He just didn't want to get in trouble. “I wont get punished right? Flying doctors don't get in troubles right?” He sniffled, looking up at Ori oh-so innocently. He finally tossed a small bit of plastic at her, wires sticking out of either end. It looked cracked down the middle. “I wanna be a mechanic too.” Sky announced with a another sniffle.

21:16:26 [Quin] “Could be worse,” Quinn reasoned in response to Kasai, “but doesn' give us any answers.” She waited, the silence of the ship beginning to unnerve her. What with everything dead, it was quiet enough so the faint sound of glass breaking reached the cockpit from down stairs, and Quinn turned slightly to listen. Kasai's commentary on the kid and Xin's friendly message occurred at once, and she hesitated. The sound of Sky and Ori reached her from the mess, so at least the kid wasn't involved in whatever Xin was doing, and if the little merc was with him she'd figure out sooner or later what he had. Shai's announcement wasn't a welcome one, but at least it was something that wouldn't take a whole lot of time to fix... hopefully. “Get us over to the plex 'n patch us up, Shai. We'll chain the little shit in his room fer the rest of the trip.” It sounded like it might be a jest, but Quinn's expression spoke otherwise. “I'll check on the doc.” She made her way down the stairwell, coming to a stop a good distance <c>
21:16:36 [Quin] outside the sickbay door. “So, by the glass 'n yer peppy 'nouncement, I figure we got another problem. Guess it's good we don't have circulation...”

21:31:08 [Kasai] "Now this is exactly why I don't like children." Kas huffed in an annoyed tone, standing up and crossing his arms. "Now, if you don't mind I'm going to get back to finishing that stew." He shifted his arms to rest behind his head as he left the cockpit, barely glancing at Oriana and the child as he entered the mess. He set about peeling the carrots with the dagger he kept at the small of his back, deftly fileting the unwanted skins straight into the sink before dropping the carrots into the crockpot one by one. By one. By one. The man let the world about him fade away, almost meditating on his task. He stood, slowly peeling carrots. His mind wandered. For a moment he was a rabbit, amidst a field full of carrots. The man blinked rapidly, bringing himself back to reality. He found himself back in the kitchen with a carrot hanging from his mouth, and a long cut along the palm of his left hand. His dagger in the sink, his blood dripping about it. "Motherfuckers." He pushed his right hand hard into his other <c>
21:31:09 [Kasai] palm, making his own way down to the infirmary. "Hey, doc. I know you said not to come down here and all, but I kind of need your expertise." He cut an odd figure, carrot still in his mouth and blood dripping from his hand. <e>

21:38:45 [XinTou] By the time Quinn had gotten down to the medbay, Xin, cleaning devil that he was, had bandaged his arm, applied ointment to his facial cuts, and was on bended knee. He was wearing something akin to a magnifying glass hat, picking up shards of glass with a tweezer with one hand and scrubbing out blood stains with another. Without looking up, he lazily addressed the captain. "You should really rethink your hiring of that doctor. Man seems to be a klutz, will probably kill you faster than any injury would." To Kasai, he replied, "My expertise is unavailable at the moment, please try again later."

21:40:16 Shaiyat was able to rig some things together with Nar's help, enough to get them by. Luckily enough the skyplex was close, and it was a short journey with only a couple of hiccups from the Vega. The darkness of space was over shadowed by the blinking lights and brightness that emulated out of the 'floating' city. Docking was tricky, but Shai managed. He powered the ship down completely, speaking over the comm-system with a lightness in his tone he didn't really feel. “We got clearance ta dock for twenty-four hours. Should give us enough time ta fix and get what we need. No one get lost....” The pilot's voiced died off as he slid from the chair, making his way to the kitchen. By that time Skywake was huddled in a blanket, mostly asleep. Damn kids. The pilot plopped himself shakily down in his seat and glanced over to Kas with a shaky smile. “Ya know. A drink sounds right good 'bout now.” It was about then that the merc had zoned out. The pilot hadn't noticed until he got a better look at the man, his carrots and the blood. Oh god. Not wanting another relapse the pilot reluctantly picked up the half-sleeping Skywake and followed Kasai down the stairs to the sick bay.

To be continued Saturday, July 9 at 6 PST!
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Log 13 - Breakdown
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